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Apr. 25th, 2012


Finally, I have returned to continue the summary!!
Sorry for long delay, I was caught up in works, my country flood crisis last year, GMAT test and my MBA application.
I was released from the pressure when Fudan university accept me into the IMBA prgramme. So yes, I will be in Shanghai this August and hopefully my summary will be better after learning some Mandarin.

Not much happened in this part, mostly the recollection of the previous book. However, Jaques and Ray started to take action into their hand separately. And rest assure that Fon is alive, though badly wounded.

But next part is where the plot start to develop again. And some old faces make appearance. ^^

And please note the cover, Jaques put his hand on top of Fon from behind!!!

Again, the summary is based from the online Chinese translation of the novel:
I have no knowledge of Chinese, so the summary was done with the help of the google translation and the knowledge from the manga version, therefore it may not be 100% accurate. You're free to correct me ^^.

The Genetic Sodom: Ilegenes ch7 part 1 (beginning of vol 2)

The summer almost came to end. The hill side of the Genam volcano that was usually covered by the summer rain is being replaced by mist due to cool autumn wind.

The brick blocks covered the classic shopping road where all weathered buildings stood proudly of their long commercial experience. One of them with the wooden sign painted with a side face of the beard man was ‘Horatio’ bar.

Ray was moving the last beer cart into the bar as Jaques’s sister, Serena, greeted him, commented that Ilegenes’s day time had become shorter. Ray was delight with the large basket full of beautiful flowers that she brought over for decorating the bar. The pink cosmos brought Ray the nostalgic time in his home garden. She picked them from her friend’s garden, all were natural flowers. She didi not like GMO flowers because their colours blinded her eyes. Ilegenes florists displayed flowers far beyond anyone could imagine with their genetic modified blazing colours and physic. However, Ray discovered that all flowers in Horatio were natural, pure and unpretentious just matching the bar’s simplicity; soothed the heart of all visitors as well as Ray’s. Serena gave Ray a pink cosmos, her smile is just as radiant as the flower.

Ray gazed happily at the gently swaying cosmos that he placed by the window of his attic room. His face grimed as his gaze shifted to the Delta Agora over the horizon. Two months ago, Fon and Duncan had the fatally confront at Don Basurto funeral. However, Fon return to work just 2 weeks after the event. Of course that the much provoked discussion about Fon was also pressured to stop. The general atmosphere of the island was like under the martial law. Everyone seemed to give up digging further, except one man, Magge Battle. However, Magge was seen drunken in Horatio and complained heatedly to Jaques that he was pressured not to look into any further or his newspaper license would be withdrew; his advertising revenue was also plummeted due to the pressure. His newspaper gained popularity just for a brief period, the readers had lost interest, assumed that the news was just another sensational fabricated reading.

“Death to the dictator! I won’t forgive him, I will resist to protect our freedom of speech!”

Magge declared in his anger but everyone clearly knew that all media were under Fon’s control. Merely Magge to go against the rest would hardly attract attention. Magge was confident that Mozart Symphony No. 40 in G Minor was the clue to Fon’s secret; he got the video records of that moment. It seemed that Duncan had initial success attracted Magge to his scheme. Ray did not know where Duncan was but he had the feeling that Duncan was still alive. Ray was nothing but a pawn in Duncan hand.

The initial of the genetic modified artificial human industry was only limited to secret ilegeal activities. In the past, Ilegenes government only accepted the GMO plants for oversea order. However, in order to revitalize the domestic economy, Ilegenes government simplified the GMO technique and educated the public. This made universally everyone in ilegenes had access to GMO technology. Since Ilegenes is island, with the sea as the barrier, there is little risk that any biological crisis would affect other countries, so the global community accepts Ilegenes’s policy.

Originally, only agriculture area was targeted, but somehow the method of modifying human genes was obtained by some people who had become the genetic experts. Seeing the huge profit in this new knowledge, these people attracted the private sector and began the artificial human creation business. And thus, not only they learnt simple genetic modification but the people even successfully created the new industry that gave birth to The Genetic Sodom. Since then, experts compete and exchange their research, making this artificial human phenomenon suppressed all other research area. Ilegenes had become a huge laboratory, practically anyone can modify genes. Illegal sale of artificial humans had created enormous profits, everyone wanted a share in it, thus, link government and black market together. And this widening the gap between the rich and the poor, discontent on the corrupted regime was spreading wide until it reached the peak allowing the revolutionist to successful overthrow the government.

Fon had won such immerse support from the grassroots people that gave him the absolute power of his military regime and screened him from any question on his authority. Fon had eliminated the social gaps, the unemployment rate dropped, his populism policies had made people life comfortable including those in the black market where leniency was given to the activities. Life on the island was so comfortable, the perfect ‘Bread and Circuses’ system (note 1). As long as no one experiences any atrocity dictatorship, and keep on enjoy the well-being, none would care or fear the risk of Fon having absolute power to move Ilegenes into any direction he wanted. Ray concluded that Fon’s brain blueprint was indeed of the 20th Century dictators.

The city of Delta Agora from his attic window blazed brightly at night but under that beautiful artificial light laid the complex webs of chaotic and helpless societies. Ray was more confused and emotional distressed after he left Don Basurto’s funeral. Fon was right, Duncan knew no shame, he used and betrayed Ray because Duncan could not kill Purge Children after him. Ray wondered if he would do the same as Duncan when he had to face the Purge Children after him. Then there was this tan skin young man name Ange who was also affected by Mozart Symphony in G minor, he could be a Purge Children too. However, Ange sworn his life to protect Fon, why would the later Purge Children did this, was he made different from others, Ray was not sure.

Ray sat and watched the pink cosmos swayed by the evening breeze, calmed his mind. The day was Sunday, which is Horatio weekly holiday, everything was quiet; however, Ray could feel that he was being watched from afar. Should he leave the island and forget about being artificial human, returned to his parents and university; just forget everything as if these were nightmare. It was a logical choice and he would unlikely meet any other Purge children. He would be able to choose his own life not driven by Purge Children’s instinct.

Ray thought back when he met Fon in the cemetery, of Fon’s blazing peacock eyes, genetic modified like that of artificial flowers. What would Serena’s reaction be if she knew he was artificial created, not god created beautiful like herself and the natural flowers that she loved. Ray was afraid that he would become like Fon.


The time hit 11 pm, Ray heard a motorcycle slowly came to park outside of Haratio and went down to see Jaques entered the back door. Ray called out to him, not so please with Jaques who had been out consecutively nights and abandoned all the work in Horatio. Jaques sarcastically retorted that it was amused to have Ray gave him a lecture him (considered that Ray always ran out with his gangs all night in vol 1). Ray asked if Jaques went off to sleep around with women but Jaques ignored and walked passed him. Instead of woman perfume, Ray caught the smell of gasoline/petrol. Ray was very concerned; he then realized that Jaques went to the Delta Agora plaza hoped to catch a glimpse of Fon in the Presidential Palace. This was too risky as Jaques was still in the government blacklist. Jacques cut Ray from finishing his lecture, he said he needed to sleep and ordered ray to clean and peel all the potatoes. With that, Jaques dragged himself up to his bedroom.

The current Jaques’s and Ray’s positions were reversed of that in few months ago. Jaques was not himself; no longer the shrew and full of spirit but a lifeless man ever since Don Basurto funeral. His guilt over Fon’s injury from shield him from Duncan’s bullet was unbearable. On that fateful day, even the military threaten him to leave, Jaques insisted to be by Fon’s side until Fon gained conscious. Perhaps it was this dedication that the military did not force him to go and allowed Jaques to return home safely, much to everyone surprise.

Ray realized that Jaques is Fon’s only weakness. Overcame the Purge Children’s instinct to stay alive, Fon let his own heart rule over him and gave his life for Jaques. Deep in the heart, Ray speculated what it was like to use Jaques as a trap. By aiming the gun at Jaques’s heart, Fon would not hesitate to take bullet to shield Jaques. Ray shuddered at the thought, in this way he would be no different from Duncan. Ray could not overcome his instinct to kill Fon, but he did not wish to resort to such a low method. He did not know what to do now


Jaques sat on his bed and lost in thoughts of Fon. All the past few night s he spent sat in a corner looking over to the Presidential Palace. After Fon was shot, Jaques’s mind went blank, even when Nicholas arrived a the hospital and demand what happen form Jaques, all he could do was keep calling Fon and stayed by Fon’s side. The scene when that Fon took the bullet from him keep repeating in his mind and in his dream Fon did not speak but silently blame Jaques. Jaques felt that Fon did not blame him for the reason he was shot but for Jaques did not believe the strong bond in their friendship.

Jaques hated himself so much. He was simple minded; he opened Horatio as the preparation for Fon after retored from the army. He always reserved a seat for his friend after a long straining day from politic. That what he thought was something he can at least do for Fon. Now he only could think that such act was coward, a way to escape the reality becasue he was too weak to face it and abondoned Fon to face it alone. 5 years ago when Jaques asked for his resignation, Fon gave him a faint smile but true from his heart. Fon only said that politic did not suit Jaques and did not wish to see Jaques lost in this mass. Jaques realized now that Von was considerate and understand Jaques's true feeling. But there is no escape now. Fon had promoted dictatorship and leading Ilegenes to the path of self-destruction, weather it was by intention or due to the Purge Children programme went out of control, and there is no one by Fon's side to stop him. Nor the Perch Children to follow can elevate the situation and guide the people to light, judged by the performance of Duncan and Ray. Jaques determined now that he had to do something.


Horatio was almost empty, due to evening rain and might also because of Monday Blue, the guests usually left early. The rain became heavier at night, and no sign of more customers, so Jaques started to pack up the place. A group of customers called out to Ray for bill, but when reached the table one of customers asked if Ray was the survivor of Accam’s anti-government movement (ch3). They introduced themselves as Accam’s comrades in anti-government movement. The man who first spoke to Ray introduce himself as Byron, the leader of Hammer of God movement, the one that responsible to the bombardment of the Confidential Guard headquarter. This terrorist group usually sent threat letters to media to create public stir before operate the terrorism, so to back-mail Fon into stepping down from presidency. Byron had back short hair, dark skin and tough facial profile. He had been searching for Ray after he heard there was a survivor from Accam’s destroyed base.

Byron: “You want to avenge Accam, right? We can help you. Join us, Ray”

Luckily Jaques was busy tidied up the bar to notice the group with Ray. Byrom placed a small card to Ray and said that he would be waiting for Ray after Horatio closed.


TBC ch7 part 2

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Note1: Bread and Cricuses
A metaphor for a superficial means of appeasement. It was a political strategy to earn the public approval through distract people from politics and public policies by pleasing people with immediate satisfaction like entertainment and material desires. Thus, people become shallow and ignore the duty in supervising the state/country.

Feb. 27th, 2011


Finally, I have managed to finnish the first volume before end of February!!!

I recommended to listen the music provided at the Note section as you read the summary to maximized the vision and the emotion of this chapter.

And be prepared Fon fans, I warned you that this chapter is action-packed!

Again, the summary is based from the online Chinese translation of the novel: http://www.dm123.cn/dm123cms/book/book.php?id=126
I have no knowledge of Chinese, so the summary was done with the help of the google translation and the knowledge from the manga version, therefore it may not be 100% accurate. You're free to correct me ^^.

The Genetic Sodom: Ilegenes ch6 part 2 (end of vol 1)

El Namu hill is the coastal town where the tycoons of the black market lived. The exclusive salon 'Chateau’ also located on that hill. Don Basurto funeral was to be held there.  At the time of the funeral procession, the site was full of cars, people and security personnel; the event emitted the grandeur same as those of major film award ceremony, just only without the red carpet.

Ray joined Duncan in the nearby parking lot. All the preparation had been made, Duncan only needed to explain the plan to Ray. However, Ray’s intention was not to assist Duncan, he was there to stop him. Ray explained that he had got in touch with Fon, and learnt that what Fon did so far was truly for the benefit of the artificial beings, to achieve them the same status as natural humans. Duncan laughed and dismissed the claim as Ray was too naïve taken by Fon’s sweet words. Ray was confused. Duncan said that Fon was making Ray the pawn like he did to Duncan; he claimed Fon’s mind was too manipulative as it was based from the 20th Century dictators. Duncan asked Ray to reconsider, Fon’s sweet words had fool his supporters and he was responsible for Jaques arrest. Duncan grabbed Ray’s arms and pled Ray to assume his responsibility as the newcomer; there was no better chance to stand against Fon.


“What did you say, D sent you an e-mail?”

Jaques was preparing to open his shop when Magge called him. An hour ago the mail was sent to every newspaper editors stated that it would expose the president was in fact the artificial human tonight. Jaques asked if there was anything else mentioned about the method of proving. But Magge refused to tell as it would ruin the real opportunity to have the breaking story. Jaques roared, demanding Magge to reveal the content, reasoned that Magge did not know how serious it was, this was clearly the trap for Fon. Magge then bargained Jaques to answer him the truth about the experiment. Saw it was just futile, Jaques hung up the phone and sadly told Serena that the bar re-opening day moved to the next day. He grabbed his coat and took off with his Jeep.


Don Basurto’s funeral lived up to his name as one of the Big Three of the black market, the whole island was in mourning for him. The Don was a well known atheist, so the funeral was not held in church but instead in a ceremonial hall filled with flowers, and all the extravaganzas. After the autopsy, Don Basurto corpse went through embalming and placed inside the coffin. He was the faithful fan of Wagner, so the heavy melodies was echoing entire hall (note1). However, this funeral was defined as a low-key private ceremony by Ilegenes's standard, it was normal practice for the people on this island to exaggerate as much as they could. Ray could not imagined how grand scale it would be at the national mourning level.

The cause of his death was due to a long sharp metal penetrated through his brain. It was an instant death; a lethal saber was found lied beside his body. The surveillance camera inside his bedroom was also out of order, leaving no trace of the assassination. Thus, it was believed that the insiders were responsible. These had made all the remaining of the Don’s family became suspicious of one another and were too restless to even mourn for the death. The suspicion also extended among the people of the black market.

Under Duncan’s plan, they were to disguise as the staff of the funeral. They would ambush Fon at 2200hr after all of the visitors had paid the last respect. The Don’s family specially arranged the time, so that Fon’s visit remained private, not mingle with public.

As known by all that Fon did not have good relationship with the Black Market. Ray raked his brain to find the explanations why Fon attended the funeral. Could Fon had talked with Don about reducing production scale of artificial being to stop trafficking or Fon always had close interest with the Black Market, this Ray did not know. Did Fon still have the vision to return Ilegenes to God’s embrace or there were other intentions, Ray thought of all possibility.

‘Don Basurto funeral is just the overture’  Ange’s voive echo in Ray’s mind.

The head of the funeral staff asked Ray (disguise as staff) to lock all entrances after all guests had left the funeral. Ray was left alone; he made the preparation for the assassination. Duncan send message to Ray’s mobilephone, ‘target arrives’.

A black car drove onto the drive way. The public looked on from the side barricade as Fon stepped down with only a few bodyguards. As it was a private visit, he wore black suit instead of his usual uniform.

As always, Ray inner voice screamed the order to kill Fon. He felt he was about to lose control of himself. His hand was over the gun hidden at his leg but hesitate to use it. His thought was in dilemma again wondering if it was the implanted instinct or his own judgment, was it correct to instinctive judge the predecessor Purge Children without sufficient time for critical judgment?

Ray forced the earplugs into his ears. Duncan said if Ray refused to do it, he would carry out himself. Duncan accused Fon for his tyranny; Fon, on the other hand, had the valid reason to liberate the status of artificial beings. Ray could not say that Fon’s decision was totally wrong, if considered Ray’s position as the artificial human, it was the right thing to do. However Fon’s extreme approach would only bring war to Ilegenes, to where Jaques and Serena were. Since Ray arrived on this island, he always kept in mind that his mission must protect all inhabitants, natural or artificial alike. No one wanted to be involved in war, and without the consensus of Ilegenes people, a war could not simply be started. However, Ray knew that Fon would surely strive for it. Fon may launch a campaign and brainwash the mass. Ray thought of this horror possibility and wondered if there was a possible way to convince Fon to stop instead of killing him.

“Why are you here, Laertes?”

Ange came out of the shadow to where Ray was hidden. Ray jerked, his earplugs had silent all the external noise, so he could not possibly hear anything, he sensed it from the murderous intension that emitted from Ange. Ange’s eyes turned cold and declared Ray was the poisonous rat. Ray’s pulse raised, all the adrenaline prompted him to start taking action; if he did not kill, then the dead man would be him. He had to kill Fon.


As Fon entered the funeral hall, the Don family stood on both side of alter, greeted him with a bow and led him down to the coffin. Wagner music echoed throughout the hall. Fon bowed and offered the white flower to the Don’s coffin. His expression was indifferent; he had no remorse feeling in his mind. He was only here to confirm the death of Don Basurto. Don was just his pawn. For Fon to attend the funeral would also remove him of any suspicion to the Don’s murder.

Ray, still faced with unexpected arrival of Ange, was deciding to carry out assassin immediately or to hold it. Suddenly, Wagner music abruptly stopped and replaced by Mozart Symphony No.40 in G Minor (listen at note 2), the correction signal that would reformat the brain of every Purge Children. The music was exploded from all direction, shook the entire hall at the maximum volume. Duncan control it from audio room, at his feet lied several staff. Everyone was panic and Fon’s face showed sign of pain, Ray was delighted that the trap worked. However, Ange was also in far worse agony, covered his ears and dropped to the ground. Ray felt lump in his throat as his worst fear was confirmed that Ange was indeed also Purge Children. Ange tried to fire a couple of miss shots at Ray and gave in to the pain, he fled away from the hall.

Thick smoke then started to arise in the venue, sent everyone into panic rush for exit in fearing fire. It was actually the smoke device that Duncan set the time to ignite. The Symphony was still blasting the hall, Fon stood numb in the midst of smoke, his bodyguards were all lost in the chaos. Ray saw the chance to strike, the voice in his head ordered him to act now; no longer conscious of himself, he was completely turned into the purification programme puppet. All was according to Duncan’s plan, Ray would strike before the music was over. Ray charged toward Fon.

Ray aimed his gun at Fon in the hazy smoke, his finger was ready to pulled the trigger. But as the smoke became clearer he was shocked to find that Fon no longer showed any pain even though the music was still bombarding the hall. Bullets flew passed Ray and hit the electric transformer box behind him. The power were down, the funeral hall went silent and plunged into darkness saved for the dim emergency light.

Ray was confused, why and more why was in his mind. He removed his earplugs, Fon cold’eyes were locked on him. Fon declared that the trick to suppress him with the music was useless as Fon had long known that it was the correction signal and learnt to overcome it. Ray was now in full shock.

“Human can overcome the weakness by the strength of will power. To eliminate this weakness, I have strengthen my will power by constantly listen to the Mozart Symphony no.40 in G minor.”

‘How could it be possible’ was all Ray could think, the music sent him into agony, but Fon suppressed it. Fon said that Dr. Littenber was very fond of Mozart, yet he never listen to this piece even though it was very famous. Fon kept all of Dr. Littenber’s music records including all of Mozart albums at the Presidential Palace. Fon had obtained the old reports from the Edition Messiah department on controlling the brain cell with noise signal, the experiment resulted was shown that all Purge Children was affect by the symphony piece, hence it was used as the personality correction signal. So, Fon was aware of their common weakness. Ray could not help imagined how painful it was at the beginning and how much will power was needed for Fon to learn to overcome the music.

Fon asked if it was Duncan who told Ray of the correction signal. Ray could only gulp as Fon continued to exert pressure for whereabout of Duncan. In panic, Ray raised his gun and about to pull the trigger but Fon was a step ahead, pulled out his gun and shot.


Jaques heard a gunshot from the hall as he fought through the barricades, the crowds and guards.

“Fon where are you?”


Ray sat paralyzed on the ground. Fon stood over Ray with his gun pointed upward, the glass roof shattered and were falling down like rain on them. He then pointed the gun at Ray and declared that Duncan was the one that killed Dr. Littenber. Ray was taken back.

“He killed Dr. Littenber then used the doctor’s hand to access the database and stole the data from the Edition Messiah department. Laertes, that abomination killed my adoptive father!”

Suddenly, Ray and Fon shrank to their knees as both felt high frequency sharp noise pierced through their brain. Purge Children could detect noise of more than 16,000 KHz. Fon clearly knew that Duncan was behind this head-splitting noise.

“This is the real trap…. Laertes… Duncan… wanted to rid both of us…” Fon said, fought through the anger and pain.

Ray could not believe his ears. Fon suppressed the pain and fired several haphazard shots, knocked down the Don’s portraits and sent flower petals scattered in the air. He then saw Duncan at the side of altar, wore an anti-sonic helmet with a rifle in his hand. Fon barked at Duncan to stop running away. Fon chased after Duncan while Ray, who very much like to follow, was too weak to do so. He felt so helpless.

Ray was about to lose conscious when Jaques emerged into the hall and held his head. Ray asked Jaques to turn off the noise but Jaques could not hear anything. Jaques then remembered that Purge Children had ultra sensitive ears and quickly search the sound source. Though he could not hear, Jaques could at least feel the distortion pressure in the air that caused by the sound waves. His eyes was fixed on the suspicious loudspeaker next to a portrait. Jaques grabbed a gun and shot it. Ray immediately felt relief.

Jaques asked Ray for Fon’s whereabout. Ray only manage to name Duncan and pointed at the escaped door where both Fon and Duncan disappeared. Jaques took a sharp breath, outrage at Duncan’s doing. Jaques ordered Ray to obediently remain at where he was and Jaques took off after Fon.


Fon ordered Duncan to stop. The funeral hall’s backyard corridor was stained with boold trail. Fon’s bullets had pierced through Duncan’s right legs. Fon shot to intimate Duncan and he then shot at the gate control device, sent the door in front of them to lock down, prevented Duncan from going any further.

Duncan turned around and pointed out his rifle. Fon said it was useless as Fon was the Newcomer, Duncan could never hurt him. Duncan’s mouth curved into a sinister smile.

“Oh, long time no see Fortinbras. How does the real correction signal sound?”

Fon was surprised with Duncan’s unexpected move. Duncan revealed that the real correction signal was actually played in the 2nd noise, the high-frequency one.

“How did it feel? Does this lullaby (2nd noise) felt very familiar, right? You can’t stop me. Your brain is now ready to reformat at my command!”

Fon supressed his anger and still firmly denied that it would have any effect on him. Fon demanded if Duncan sent the data to Magge. Duncan said that Fon was to naïve not to destroy all data. Duncan then declared that this was the revenge for drove him off the prime minister seat and took away his life. He ordered Fon to swear loyalty to him forever. Fon refused. Duncan declared that although he could not shoot Fon he could now order Fon to commit suicide.

“Personality Formatting Command, Code F!”

Duncan then barked the command order and Fon’s limbs went stiff. Duncan walked up to Fon; his peacock eyes surveyed and looked into Fon’s widen one. He order Fon to point his pistol at the temple. Fon tried to struggle with his hand but it was futile. With all his will power he could mustered, as Duncan was about to command the final order, Fon broke the gun away from his head and pointed at Duncan. A shot was fired but Duncan dashed forward and push Fon to the ground. Both man struggle and rolled in cycle. Duncan then commended that Fon could not shoot him. Fon’s body went still and Duncan took this opportunity to kick him. He grabbed Fon by the hair and pull his face up.

“Be good boy, Fortinbras. Now, let’s change your programme.”

“... I should never have… spared your life… I should… have listen to my instinct.” Fon breathing was rapid as he glared Duncan with hatred.

“F is not allowed to shoot D. From now on, F is never to go against me!”

Duncan barked the order. Jaques arrived at that moment and used his shoulder to push Duncan off Fon. Fon got to his feet and wanted to join in the fight but Jaques ordered Fon to run, he would handle Duncan himself. Duncan aimed his strike at Jaques’s eyes but Jaques moved back to avoid. However, this left Duncan free for a short moment, enough time for him to dive for the fallen gun and aimed at Jaques’s chest. Ray rushed to the scene at that very moment.


Both Ray’s and Fon’s voices overlap each other. The gunfire echoed the scene. However, Fon was the one who dropped to the ground. The bullet hit his chest as he blocked Jaques from the killshot. More bullets were fired in the next seconds, this time were from Ange who had just arrived the scene and charged after Duncan. Duncan got hit but he managed to escape by distracting them with the smoke bomb. Ange went after him, his eyes were that of carnivorous predator, determined to tear the prey into pieces.

Jaques held Fon and called out to him. His hand was full of blood gushing from Fon, Jaques went hysterical. Ray looked at the pair, bewildered with sudden realization. It was not the Mozart Symphony no.40 in G Minor nor the correction signal that was Fon’s greatest weakness.

Jaques , you’re Fon’s greatest weakness.’

Jaques roared in frustration, tried his best to wake Fon up. Fon went paler, his breathing was slower and slower. The medical team had arrived after gunfires were heard. The smoke had cleared from the scene; no trace of Duncan or Ange in sight.


Fon was taken away in the military ambulance. Fortunately, Fon wore a bullet proof-vest which absorbed the hit. It was also lucky that the bullet hit on the right chest a little to the shoulder, made it not fatal but still buried inside Fon. Jaques remained by Fon’s side even followed him into the ambulance, the guards forced him to leave but Jaques refused.

Ray looked on as the ambulance light faded into the distance. He finally understood that Jaques was the only Fon’s weakness. Fon could totally abandon anything, his role as the president or even his life to protect Jaques.

‘Could I take advantage of this?’, Ray shuddered at the thought of using Jaques but he could not put that idea aside, blamed it to the implanted instinct of the Newcomer that the contradicting thoughts were messing in his brain. There must be the end to this and that moment would come soon. However, which direction would it be heading to?

A fierce storm was approaching Ilegenes.

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Yes, scream if you like to, I did that when I first read this chapter. Fon was so romantic!!! I got many responses that Jaques did not deserved Fon...Well... in vol2 maybe he can redeem himself?

Duncan is an @$$xxole!!! The wickest of all bada$$ in Ilegenes... at the moment.... he was more shrew than the combined Mafia of Ilegenes!!   

And in vol2 we get to see both old faces from manga and new faces.  

Ps. the movie called Adjustment Bureau is coming to cinema this week, it's about free will vs the planed life that imposed by a group of people. I found that this might interested you as the theme is very similar to Ilegenes only that this is more of romantic direction. The movie is based on the sci-fi short story in 1960s-70s of Philip K. Dick, my fav authour, the father of the sci-fi that focus on human self-conflict than those flashy tech !!  

1) Wagner’s ‘Siegfried’s Funeral March’ is the music that I believed was played in the Don funeral. It is one of the most picked music played during funeral, but the common heard funeral music would be Chopin’s the Dead March. Wagner’s funeral march was from his opera ‘Götterdämmerung’ (Twilight of the Gods). It is the last part in Richard Wagner's cycle of four operas in Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of Nibelung) which was about Ragnarök, prophesied war of the Norse gods that brings about the end of the world. Götterdämmerung is occasionally used in English, referring to a disastrous conclusion of events. This somewhat fit to Ilegenes theme that associate with Godness and destruction or decadence of the world:  
You can listen to music of Richard Wagner - Götterdämmerung - Siegfried's Funeral March here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a53s4jyCqqU&feature=related
However, I think Wagner most heard score is Ritt der Walküre (Ride of Valkyries) also from the opera Der Ring des Nibelungen

2) Mozart Symphony No.40 in G Minor is a 4 part symphony. The first part is the most popular one which is the Motto Allegro (very quick rhythm): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hJf4ZffkoI.
The rest are Andante (walking pace), Menuetto Allegretto-Trio (moderate pace), and Allegro assai (quite fast rhytem) respectively. The music score in each part are different from another, you can listen all of them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symphony_No._40_(Mozart)

Feb. 20th, 2011


Sorry for another long absence of the summary. The conflict and drama have escalate to next level in this chapter!

Again, the summary is based from the online chinese translation of the novel:


I have no knowledge of Chinese, so the summary was done with the help of the google translation and the knowledge from the manga version, therefore it may not be 100% accurate. You're free to correct me ^^.


The Genetic Sodom: Ilegenes ch6 part 1

By noon of the next day, the tension atmosphere after the attack of the Confidential Guard’s headquarter had spread throughout the island. However, the large-scale military beefed up had not reached the inner island. With the help from Magge Battle, Jaques took refuge in his secret apartment there. Magge’s apartment was upstairs of the Daily Opinion Newspapers office, the place was more like a massy intelligent room than a place to sleep in. When the attack of the Confidential Guard took place, Magge was on his way home when he heard the news, he met Jacques at a small ally and offered to shelter him after learning about his capture. It was also far too dangerous to return to Horatio.

Crudup and Magge dressed Jaques’s wounds. Despite military experience, enduring long period of torture had strained him. Ray entered the room and informed that he had reassured Serena that her brother was alright.

Magge sat down in front of his computer screen and checked the news on the attack. It appeared that the organization called Thor’s Hammer (note1) claimed the responsibility of the attack. The organization demanded the president to resign, if not, they would continue their attack on the government institutions. Ray said that even he had not heard of such organization. Magge tried to looked up for information; apparently, the organization kept itself pretty well-hidden that even the military did not know them before. The fact that the terrorist could get hold of the missile launcher could have some connection with the people from the inner island. Crudup was surprise, he thought the attack was to rescue Jaques and he got his cheek pinched by Jaques for said that out loud.

Crudup rubbed his cheek and mentioned that the men who saved Jaques was wearing a military robe. Before Crudup could finish, Jaques declared that his savior was definitely Fon. Ray could not help but to raise his brow at their strong bond; despite the heavy smoke and was being partially conscious, Jacques was confident that it was Fon who saved him. Jacques said that since Fon ordered his arrest he knew that Jacques was kept in there and rescued him out. But Ray countered Jacques’s theory. Jacques was awestruck when Ray narrated him his encounter with Fon the night before. Ray said that Fon was clearly went pale upon learning Jacques’s arrest before rushed off to the Confidential Guard headquarter, therefore, no way that Fon could know of Jaques’s captive location. Jaques was disappointed at first but his expression turn into happiness as he learnt that his best friend did not betrayed him.

Magge interrupted the silent moment as he concluded that it was really a touching story for the Ilegenes president to rescue the suspect of his assassination attempt, or rather scandalous, for the Confidential Guard went against the will of the president. Magge wondered why would Fon did that. Crudup then spoke in defend that the reason was because Jaques and Fon were best friends. Magge said that was not the point, it was more likely that Fon actually knew the true assassin but he did not inform the Guard. Magge then asked Jaques if Fon actually had darkest secret that needed to be kept away even from the Confidential Guard.

Magge then turned to Ray as Ray mentioned that he met Fon the night before. It was unusual for the president to have a face to face conversation with a mere youth. Ray was caught off guard. Magge then barged in more question if Ray actually has some kind of acquaintance with Fon. Magge even asked if Ray was that assassin that Fon tried to hide from the Confidential Guard as Magge suspected both Ray and Jaques knew that secret Fon was trying to conceal. Jacques told Magge off that Ray knew nothing. But Magge even went further, said that he could not help observe that the rumour about Fon was also in consistent with Ray characteristic. He then pestered that Ray knew all the secrets. Jaques had had enough, he bellowed at Magge who then went silent but remained eyeing both Jaques and Ray suspiciously.

Magge then sighed and changed the subject to the topic that Jacques was searching for the source that claimed Fon as artificial human and demanded for proof of Fon’s citizenship. Ray was shock, he had not learnt of the rumour since he was absence from Jaques. Magge showed the story to Ray who read and then angrily demanded for the source. Magge said that it was from a guy with pseudo name ‘D’ who hoped that the rumour would result in military factions that would go against Fon. Ray was thunder stuck as first name that came to his mind was Daniel B. Duncan. Magge then said this guy ‘D’ might have some relation with this new anti-government organization.

Magge about to offer buying them dinner when all his phone-lines screamed at the same time; all of them were about the breaking news, Don Basurto had passed away.

Don Basurto was one of the Big Three that dominate the black market. He was the top of all the layers of gang lords and his business controlled almost all the production of artificial fetus; thus, his death caused a big impact to the whole island. On the official report it was an accidental death, but in actual, he was murdered.

Jaques and Ray were on Mars Hill where gave them the full view of the brightly lit up Delta Agora that stretch along the side of the Trinity Hill. The funeral of Don Basurto would be held in 3 days. People from around the world flocked to pay their respect. Jaques pointed that the influential people sent their representatives to attend instead as they did not wish to disclose their relationship to the Don. Ray asked who was behind his murder. Jaques laid out all possibilities from other gang bosses to his business rivals, after all his works was hate by many.

Ray gazed at the brilliant light of the city that never sleep. The death of the Don not only attract the domestic mourners but also from the overseas. Ray thought back of Fon’s words:

‘the real enemy was not simply the black market but the World’s greed for Ilegenes’s sinful resources. To change Ilegenes, it has to start with the world in order to proceed on.’

Ray looked at the side of Jacques’s face, he was in dilemma whether to tell of Fon’s real intention to Jaques. Jaques has legitimate citizenship and rights of natural people unlike him and Fon. Fon wanted all artificial human to be equated as the natural human, but the world was unwillingly to give up this privilege. Fon declared he wanted to heal this world mental disease even if at the expense of war. The rumour of Fon had caused a big stir; to have an artificial human, the mere commodity, suppressing the natural people and became the president was just preposterous even to the general public. Ray could not have imagine what kind of treatment he would get if we was known as artificial being. Ray realised that whatever Fon did in order to give citizenship to artificial human did make sense although it was not the judgement that a reasonable people would make. However, he still suspected that there could be other intention beneath, such that Fon wanted to stabilise his supreme power without any worry of his taboo as artificial being. Ray silently dismissed Fon’s plan, it was just too impossible as Ilegenes people would surely rise to oppose it.

Jaques suddenly looked sharply at Ray and asked he if he got in touch with Duncan. Ray stumbled. For such information to leak, the source could be no other than Duncan. Jacques declared that Duncan must be responsible for Dr. Littenber ‘s death and stole the information. Ray was surprise how could Jaques accused Duncan, and by that Jaques knew Ray had contacted Duncan. Ray defended Duncan that Fon did not honour their agreement and try to get rid of Duncan. Jaques dismissed that claim as the opposite, Duncan took advantage of Ray as the newcomer, Duncan wanted to overthrow Fon. Jaques warned Ray not to only listen to one side story. Ray was threw into dilemma, did not know who to believe.

Just then, they heard footsteps rushed up the stairs to the hill top. Jaques put a finger between his lips, ordered Ray to keep quiet. A girl, about 12 year-old, ran toward Jaques, gasping for air. Jaques asked the girl what happened. Ray spot a bar code at the back of her neck, his mind screamed in horror to recognise that it was the commodity product bar code. Some cheap clones will not be implanted with the ID chip, nor need to be registered with the Artificial Being Administrative Bureau. The commodity bar code will be given to them instead for identification.

Jaques asked who she was looking for. The girl tried to say something but no voice came out, apparently her vocal cord might be defective or not there at all. A group of black market agents arrived at the scene and apologized to Jaques and Ray that their product had disturbed them. They explained that there was a road accident and this girl escaped from their van; they ordered the girl to come forward. The girl hid behind Ray, she was trembling with fear. Ray saw that the treatment to this girl was no different to that of animals. 

Jaques urged Ray to give the girl back to them, not wanting him get into more trouble. However, the girl’s eyes were pleading for help, the mirror image of Ariel. Ray could not bear to give her away but the agents’ patience were running out.

Suddenly, a group of mask men in black robe took down the agents from behind in a split second. A voice called out, asked Ray to hand over the girl. A blonde hair, bronze skin boy stepped forward. Ray immediately recognised Ange.

“We meet again, Laertes.” His peacock eyes illuminate like a cat's eye in the night.

Jacques was shell-shock and asked Ray who the boy was. Ray said he knew neither. He said only Fon knew him, added further shock to Jaques.

Ange introduced himself and asked the girl not to be afraid as he and his companions were also artificial humans like her. The people in black robe removed their masks, their face showed grotesque and unnatural traits, the distinct characteristic of the artificial being. He asked the girl to join them in their mission to liberate the artificial being. Ange also confirmed Jaques’s question that he was responsible for the said car accident. The girl joined Ange and hugged him by his side.

To Ray’s surprise, Ange called Ray to join them.

“Just join us, I can help you remove the ID chip. Oh yeah, the airport security could not detect the chip when you passed through.”

Ray suspected that Ange also knew that he was also the Purge Children. Jaques immediately shield Ray to protect him (heroic, but you were still injured!). Jaques asked if these people were Death. Ray said they were not but the peacock eyes really bothered him.

Jaques asked Ange’s relation with Fon. Ange said he was a commodity that had been passed through several hands before ended up in a brothel, he was nine when Fon save him from that hell. Fon was like a father to him. Jaques recalled that Fon never had any contact with artificial being during their time together. Judging from Ange’s age which is about 13 and his account, Fon must have met the boy about the time he became the president.

“Jaques be careful. Ange had attacked me back in the cemetery.”

“Jaques? Is that person the Jaques, Fon’s most trusted man?” Ange’s voice shook as he spoke, his eye dimmed.

The atmosphere suddenly became eerie. Ray sensed danger and quickly stepped forward. Ray asked Ange if it was Fon’s order to protect the misfortune artificial beings. Ange denied, it was not Fon's order but he wanted to do it, it was the preparation for the future battle against natural human. Ray was shocked to learn of Ange’s intention.

Ange said that he knew about Ray and knew that he was created to overthrow Fon but it was not his fault; he understand what Ray went through. He wanted Ray to join him and create Ilegenes as the paradise for artificial beings. Ange convinced Ray was the same as them and should not mingle with the natural human.

Ray was about to prepare for pre-emtive strike but Jaques stopped him. Jaques asked why Ange arbitrary acted without Fon's permission. Ange said that Fon was too soft, however Ange and other artificial humans could never forgive what natural human did to them. Ange’s angelic face gave the devilish grin. He declared that the funeral of Don Basurto was just their overture. He gave the innocent yet chillg smiled before turned back and led the rest down the hill.

Ray and Jaques looked on until they disappeared. They were left bewildered, unable to fathom all that just happened. Ange claimed that he grew up in this island since birth, so he could not be Purge Children who normally began their life at 13 years old, yet he had peacock eyes. And Fon did not know this boy’s intention. Ray felt sharp pain in his chest. He sensed that Ange would be more dangerous than Fon.


“ Brother!”

Tearful Serena hugged Jaques after 1 week of his absence. Jaques teased her to choose either to laugh or to cry, he then apologized for making her worry. Ray’s tears also rolled down his cheeks as he watched their reunion. Perhaps due to the president’s order, the Confidential Guards were withdrawn from guarding Horatio; Ray and Jaques could finally return to the bar.

Ray looked out from his bedroom window. This was the place that he could feel at home; the only place in Ilegenes island that made him feel at ease. He hoped he could stay here forever and worked in the bar with Jaques and Serena. Such normal everyday life was the treasure to him. However, threat would continue to pose on Horatio as long as he remained there. Although Ray was artificial human, he did not feel any different from other natural people. However, if Fon’s identity was exposed, he too would lose his citizenship. He never imagined himself as one of the pathetic artificial human that he saw around the island. He did not agree to the inhumane treatment toward the artificial beings, but he used to always view himself a step upper than the artificial humans. He saw himself as the one in better position that have obligation to help them, otherwise, he would always view artificial being and natural being as different entities, but Fon viewed them as equal, as the normal general being. However, Ray saw that Fon’s method was too imprudent and would only brought catastrophe to all.

Ray’s cell phone rang, Duncan voice at the other end made him jumped up. They had no contact since Duncan rescued Ray from 4th Death. He wanted to asked Duncan what Jaques warned him but Duncan cut him short. He informed that Fon was to attend Don Basurto’s funeral, so he concluded that Fon was, after all, indeed the head of the Black market. In the past Ray would be furious at such statement but learning what Fon had in his mind, he felt indifferent. Duncan went on to accuse all the atrocity of Fon abusing his president power and concluded that they needed to plan for the attack at the funeral tonight.

Ray was taken by this unexpected decision as their plan was to strike at the military parade next month. Duncan reasoned that Fon attending funeral was highly classified schedule and it would be a private visit, so the number of bodyguards was reduced to the minimum, a perfect chance for them to assassinate Fon. Duncan said that he already made the overall plan to facilitate Ray but Ray hesitate.

“Wait a minute, Duncan, tonight I can’t…”

“You got a date? Cancel it! There could be no such opportunity again! Just kill and escape before anyone can aware. Sooner or later Fon will take further action that I can no longer remain on this island! It must be tonight, I need your help Ray!”

Duncan did not wait for Ray answered he gave Ray the meeting place and time and ordered Ray to come before he hung up. Ray was heartbroken. He did not know what to do but if he did not go, Duncan would still carry on the plan. Ray put his cell phone back into his pocket and rushed out.


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Yes, one more part then volume one will be done!! And yes Fon will have major role in the next part!! Hooray for Fon fan!!!
So Ange was not that cute puppy (or rather doberman) that always follow Fon around. Each Purge Children has their own view of changing Ilegenes... 

So see Fon, you may drive by your own instinct but you really have a mind of your own!!! Or else how can you think differently from the others!!! Rest assure, love!!

And so are you too, Ray!! Your emotional dilemma really could go on a whole long paragrapghs and it was so DAMN HARD TO SUMMARISE!! I just don't know how to shorten it!! If too short you will be just another typical emo-boy!! I just can't destroy the image that sensei given to you! 

1) Thor’s Hammer referred to a Germanic mythology hammer-wielding god that associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, destruction, fertility, healing, and the protection of mankind. The hammer is the ultimate weapon that creates lighting and thunder as a form of god punishment.
The comic hero Thor also base on this God... the live-action film is coming out in cinema this year... Hmm~ this god must be a popular subject in the meida, many Japanese animes (that have germanic theme) also use this god name a lot... such that in Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Dec. 25th, 2010


Happy Holidays!!! My country does not make Chirstmas as public holiday but so what, Hariraya Depavali, Visak day, Chinese New Year are still auspicious occasions that anyone can participate^^

Here is the 2nd part of ch5 and a huge major spoiler on Fon's real intention! hopefully I can finnised vol1 by the end of this year.

Again, the summary is based from the online chinese translation of the novel: http://www.dm123.cn/dm123cms/book/book.php?id=126

I have no knoweledge of chinese, so the summary was done with the help of the google translation and the knowledge from the manga version, therefore it may not be 100% accurate. You're free to correct me ^^.

The Genetic Sodom: Ilegenes ch5 part 2

Candle lights dimly lit the elegant salon adorned with long velvet curtain, huge intricate fireplace and mounted (taxidermy) mythical animals, unicorn et al (thank to genetic manipulation), as if the place came out off medieval fairytales. ‘Chateau’ is the name of the exclusive salon in Genetic Sodom. Only the selected few are eligible to enter, and these people are the top Dons that dominated the black market.

A tall overweight middle-age man sank in the antique sofa, his thick fingers with a large ruby ring contently turned the brandy glass. The Don promised to his companion seated opposite that he would help him to get into the contact with the leaders of wealthy elites around the world. After all, these elites came to the Don for creating their desirable children. The Don also commented that when the president came into power he was worried for a while but then the man now sat opposite him had proven to be a sensible politician. Fon imaged reflected on the glass as the Don lifted it to his mouth. Fon thanked Don Basurto (note1) for his compliment and support.

There were several gang lords in black market but the one that control the movement of all gangs was Don Basurto. His GMO factory was the world leading and most powerful producer, thus gained him the major control of black market goods and made him one of the top three lords of all gang lords.

Don went on that the rich and powerful had been spending more and more on desirable fetus to affirm their lineage strong global position and thus, resulted in healthy social competition that brought about human evolution. Therefore, the Don justified that Ilegenes should not be called Genetic Sodom for Ilegenes economy had greatly contribute to human evolution and push forward the social progress. He then expressed, in half joke manner, of his desire to get Fon’s gene to make more people happy with progress.

Upon mentioned that, the Don remarked about the recent rumour he heard on Fon and took out a small hologram projector that display image of the front page scandal of Daily Opinion newspaper. Regardless what the paper claimed Fon to be, artifical being or not, the Don declared Fon as the perfect achievement of human evolution. Fon was unmoved and dismissed that the editor Maggie Battle was a friend of his, but the Daily Opinion sales was rather poor lately, so it was merely attempt to push the sale. Still, the Don found it to be very interesting piece of news; he quickly corrected himself that he meant no harm but it was just out of his pure interest for Fon’s perfection, especially his pair of beautiful eyes that shine like jewels. (sound like very pervert old man :P). Fon lowered his head and gave humble smile, said that the Don was too kind.

Don Basurto later took his leave; Fon’s smile turned into cold sneer. ‘Ilegenes island as the large experiment site for the sake of evolution progress’, Fon’s thought how ironic this sounded.

Fon: “Ange, are you there”
A boy, aged roughly only 13 came forward from behind the velvet curtain. He has platinum blond hair and honey tanned skin. And he is angelic beautiful just like his name.

Fon said to Ange that it was about time to erase Don Basurto from the world. Ange coldly smiled and agreed as he too could not stand the Don. Don Basurto might act as if he meant no harm to rumour, but the Don would definitely dick deeper; this would cause Fon troubles.

Ange served Fon as personal servant, but he was not an ordinary page boy, he was a well trained spy, bodyguard and assassin. He was also an artificial human. Ange looked up to Fon as a father figure as Fon rescued him from tortured life in brothel. Ange declared to Fon that he would do anything for Fon. Fon’s eyes show a fickle of warmness then back to his cold self. Fon had obtained all the necessary benefits from the the black market 'Big Three' (top 3 Dons), he had no more use of Don Basurto.…

Fon: “...About Don Basurto....”

Ange: “It will be done”

Fon coldly chuckle.


“Hey, come on! Let me see Fo… His Excellency the President Fontinbra. I need his confirmation, it’s very important.”

Crudup shouted to the guards at the Presidential Place gate, he was distraught for Jacques’s safety. He demanded the guards to arrange his meeting with the president, stated his range as the chief of the paratrooper 3rd regiment and their relationship as classmate. However, the guard was unmoved; all meeting with the president must be pre-arrange, only senior generals has the access can bypass the protocol. But Crudup was proven to be as stubborn, he tried to wake some havoc, so his disturbance could reach Fon’s ear. Shouting and insulting the guards for hoe ungrateful they were for Crudup’s contribution in the revolution. In the end, it was still futile. Crudup looked up at the tall iron fence of the presidential palace and sigh deeply. ‘Is Jacques not your best friend, Fon.’

Suddenly his mobile phone rang; the caller ID shocked Crudup.

Crudup: “Ray, where have you been? I could not contact you at all, I was worried for entire night!”

The reply from Ray gave Crudup another surprise. Crudup asked Ray to calm down and repeatedly warned him not to rashly storm the Elite Confidential Guard headquarter. Crudup then rushed to meet Ray at the square in front of the Confidential Guard headquarter.

Ray kept blaming himself for Jacques’s arrest. Crudup said that it was not Ray’s fault, Crudup himself could also do nothing help but he could never bear to face Jacques if Ray got hurt. Ray said if he has some useful weapon, he could save Jacques. Crudup roared Ray to stop making thing more complicated and to realize that a mere civilian could never fight the entire army of confidential guards. Ray’s physical on the other hand also has yet to recover from the poisonous gas attack. Crudup tried to reassure Ray that they will first proof Jacques’s innocence and move to the next step but Ray knew it is not a solid plan. Ray felt dread in his heart; in the end, Ray could think of no other solution than gave himself in to exchange for Jacques.

Ray said that he had to find the president. Crusup said that he had tried but fail doing that. But suddenly half way through his words, Crudup realized that today was the 13th day of the month, Fon always visited Dr.Littenber’s grave at Trinity cemetery on the night of the day 13th every month as he was killed on the night of 13th. Ray grub down and braced himself to see Fon.


The night was quiet at the cemetery. The Holy Trinity Cathedral, famous for its bell tower ‘Purification Bell’, stood out from the black sea of mountain range. Fon, with his military cap down, stood silently bowing in front of his adoptive father’s grave. He seemed as if having a metal dialogue with Dr. Littenber in the grave.

“Are you trying to repent for you hideous crime?”

Ray emerged from behind an angel statue. Fon did not seem to surprise at all.

Fon: “Are you still alive, Laertes?”

Ray: “You think this is a ghost come to see you?”

Since their encounter in the ran down church, they had never met each other until now, and this was the first time they were alone. Stood in front of Ray was the formidable mastermind for his comrades deaths and sending Death androids. Ray had numerously cursed Fon in his mind for all the misfortunes, for not knowing much on Fon and for his hatred toward him. Two pairs of peacock eyes locked at each other.

Fon: “Looking closely, you are just a mere child, Laertes.”

Ray: “ You responsible for Dr. Littenber death, isn’t it?”

Fon: “…What do you mean?”

Ray accused Fon for murder Dr. Littenber to prevent any leak of his origin. It pissed Ray off as the only response he got was Fon only silently put on his hat. Ray bellowed that how could Fon be this low as after all Dr. Littenber was Fon's father. Fon asked if that was what Duncan said. Ray’s heart skipped that Fon knew Ray had been in contact with Duncan. Fon then stated that him killing Dr. Littenber was just absurd lie by Duncan which caused Ray let out a surprised ‘huh’.

Fon then asked how could Ray know of his location. As Ray said that he learnt Fon’s routine from Crudup, Fon could only sigh ‘that Crudup’. Ray could not believe at all that he was having a conversation with Fon, he was engulf by the fear to face the man. Ray wondered aloud if they could have enough face to face talk together ealier. Fon cut Ray off and asked if Ray did not came to kill him. Fon face showed surprise as Ray said that he did not bring any weapon, Ray also added that he was too weak. Fon said that the poisonous phosphorus gas by IV, the 4th Death (note 2) could easily kill any human, yet Ray body could produce anti-toxin, Ray was truly a dreadful Purge children. Ray was annoyed by the comment.

Ray asked Fon how he felt when he learnt the truth of his birth. Fon, with his eye downcast, said that it was like waking up to find all things in the past were dream, he felt empty and regret. Ray felt the same, he could not tell what was real or implanted memory, even now he could not confirm if his action was his own or the implanted personality. Ray said that Jacques said that Ray was like Fon, and Ray realized that another person that have the same experience like him was Fon. Ray asked how much percentage that 'I'constitute truly as himself. No other but them could understand how sorrowful to be a created being with fabricated memories, personality and arranged purpose; How hopeless to not knowing and losing oneself. Ray admitted that he could only feel hatred toward Fon but he asked if this was all because the Purification programme. Fon only remained silent.

Ray asked again on what direction Fon intentionally wanted to steer Ilegenes to. It was a long pause before Fon asked Ray who were currently treated unfairly and desperate for salvation. Fon went on that although both of them were fabricated yet they were like any natural person, able to think and even have souls. Yet, because natural human created artificial beings, the natural human looked down upon artificial beings as inferior, treated them as trading commodity, neither right to citizenship nor to speak for themselves. Ray could not help taken back of the impending answer.

Ray: “You…could not mean…”

Fon: “I wanted elevate the status of the artificial being, so they can be equal as natural human. I wanted all artificial human has the right to citizenship that recognized by the international community. Ilegenes will be the vanguard of this idea to the world.”

Fon’eyes lit with determination flame. Ray was speechless. Fon declared that the real enemy was not simply the black market but the World’s greed for Ilegenes’s sinful resources, which have rooted too deeply like a terminal cancer; he would declare war to the world. Ray could not believe that Fon wanted to wage war against the entire world to eradicate the negative perception and greed toward the artificial beings. And to wage the war, Fon had deepen the relationship with the black market for the sake of military development. Fon with his back to the moon had the long dark shadow that exuded terror aura. Ray shurddered at the sight. Fon proclaimed that to change Ilegenes, it has to start with the world in order to proceed on. Since Ray finally learnt of his intention, Fon asked Ray how Ray’s purification judged him but he also asked Ray to truly asked his own heart feel first. Ray felt a sharp stap on the chest; Fon would start a war to fight for artificial human the same right as natural human, to change the world he made it his enemy. Ray was not expected for this he was utterly speechless.

Ray replied he did not know what he can respond to Fon intention but how necessary Fon have to inhumanely treat Jacques to achieve his goal.

Fon: “What did you say? What happened to Jacques?”

Ray accused Fon sending the Confidential Guards to arrest Jacques. But before Ray could finished, Fon grabbed Ray collar and asked for affirmation that Jacques was in custody of the Confidential Guard. Ray affirmed half confused as Confidentail Guard only act on the president’s orders. Fon expression gradually turn into anger, he released Ray and turned away never looked back, his cloak sharply swap in beautiful arc. Fon rushed off the cemetery and knocked into Crudup at the gate, but Fon was too preoccupied to stop or notice anything. Crudup then looked as Fon got into the car and sped away. Crudup joined Ray and asked how the negotiation was. Ray then replied that Fon was not the one who ordered Jacques’s arrest. Ray could see Fon’s poker face changed as if he was a different person.

"Who is Jacques?"

A voice came behind Ray. A young youth with tanned skin and platinum blond hair came into his view. The boy introduced himself as Ange Crudup was amazed and Ray positioned himself in defend mode, unlike Death he could not even sense Ange earlier present. Ange asked again on who that Fon called Jacques was. Crudup reacted first, replied that Jacques was Fon best friend and retorted back who was Ange to simpliy call the president by the first name. Crudup began to sense something was amiss with this boy as Ange began to repeat the words ‘best friend’ as if it was unheard of and turned to asked if Jacques wanted to get rid of Fon. Crudup horrific denied that was ridiculous as Jacques was Fon most trusted person in the world. Ange confused aloud that Fon trusted Jacques more than him. Crudup asked again what Ange was to Fon. Anges cold eyes stared at both of them and declared that Fon was his most important person in the world. Ange then drew out his sword that Ray believed to be Katarna, a samurai sword, and strike at them. Crudup ducked away and Ray shouted that he will handle Ange while Crudup catched up with Fon. Crudup then fled the scene.

Ray had to fight Anges bare hand. Ange’s attack was smooth as if no effort was made, Ray barely managed to escape. He kicked the ground sand up to distract Anges and used that opportunity to jump back to keep a safe distance. Ange pointed the tip of his sword at Ray and said that he somehow knew Ray even though they had just first met but he could sense that Ray could not kill him. Ray was shock as Ange rushed forward to attack, he saw that Ange also had a pair of peacock eyes. This was too much for him to take in a day, Ray flipped over and fled away from the cemetery. Ange called him to stop from behind.


Jacques was confined in a secret room; the continuously harsh interrogation was a severe test to his physical strength. He was tortured to force out Ray info. As his sense drifted in and out, he heard an officer suggested using a truth serum to drug Jacques. He was alarmed as he fear that not only Ray but Fon’s secret could be slipped out. In his anxiety to find a way to escape, loud noises were made along the corridor.

Nicholas: “What did you say, His Excellency the President Fortinbra is at the headquarter entrance…..”

Nicholas immediately rushed to receive Fon as he descended from his car.

Fon : “What’s going on, Colonel Roden?”

Fon’s eyes injected pure anger that on the edge of suppression, which a rare sight of him. He said he heard that Nicholas arbitrary arrest a civilian for interrogation without his knowing. Nicholas tried to justify that he did for the sake of arresting the mastermind and track down the assassin. Fon harshly demanded Nicholas to reveal the name of the arrested suspect. Nicholas fearfully move back slightly, and reveal that it was Jacques. Fon said that there was no sufficient evidence to imprison him and demanded Jacques to be released immediately. Yet, Nicholas stubbornly resisted Fon that he could not do so as the assassination attempt had damaged the Confidential Guard reputation and the state of law for the safety of the president. Fon turned deaf ears and charged into the building but Nicholas blocked the entrance. Fon said that Nicholas got the nerve to defy him. Nicholas still insisted that he could not compromise as it ruined the entire existence purpose of the Confidential Guard. Nicholas once made determination he would never be swayed by anything. Fon fiercely glare back at Nicholas who also lock his angry gaze at Fon; all the subordinates could only look on helplessly from aside. In the past, Fon had never intervene in any interrogation but because it happened to be Jacques. Nicholas would never allow such special treatment.

Suddenly a loud explosion was heard from the west wing of the building, defused the tension between Fon and Nicholas. Panic swept everyone, Nicholas instantly moved in front to shield Fon. Soon enough another explosion rocked the building; shattered glass and debris flew over them. When the dust thinned they saw the entire wall of the third floor was gone, black smoke was rising. The guards chaotically looked for cover. Nicholas asked Fon to leave for safety immediately. But Fon break through him and rushed into the building. The building was continuously bombarded as Fon made his way in to search for Jacques. He shouted for Jacques amid the confusion crowd.

Jacques was left half conscious in his captive; the inquisitors had fled the building. He was unclear of what was happening. The burning smoke choked Jacques his lung off, his body writhing tied up to the chair. He crashed the chair to the floor to seek the remaining oxygen but his vision was obscured by the black smoke. Jacques saw no chance of escape with him being tied up. He tried to shout for help but nothing came out. He began to lose his breath.

As he was about to lost all hope a figure appeared rushing through the dark smoke and untied him; kept calling his name while dragging him out. Jacques could only blurry see things as his consciousness almost gone. He was shouldered out of the building and the voice kept calling out for him; the voice was so familiar. ‘Was it you, Fon’, Jacques thought before everything went black.


“Hey Jacques wake up!! Jacques!”

Jacques slowly returned to consciousness and open his eyes to find Ray and Crupdup looked frantic over him. They were in a small alley, fire engines siren rang through the streets. He did not know how he arrived here. Ray began to check Jacques for injuries. Jacques asked Ray how he escaped. Ray did not know too as when they arrived the Confidential Guard headquarter was in chaos mess, they found Jacques in the next street in front of a shop. Crudup said that he only catch a glimpse of a person who was with Jacques but the person sensed their approach, thus, ran away. It was most likely to be the person that save Jacques. Jacques asked who that was but it was too dark, so Crudup only could see the military uniform with robe. Jacques jerked up and rushed through them to the main street. The Confidential Guard headquarter was now engulfed in inferno.

Jacques cried out in his mind ‘was it you, Fon, that saved me?’ He could not see any figure on the street.

The night wind blew the smoke over the streets, covered them with dust and smell of gunpowder.

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Jacques became damsel in distress, and prince Charming Fon had to rescue him!!! Haha just how opposite the novel to manga^^. And here enter another Purge Children, I wonder if Ange will appear in the manga^^

1) The Japanese pronounce him Basurato. The closest thing I can find is Basurto, is a Spanish name, and also a name of a city.
At first I thought it was an Italian name due to my obsession in The Godfather movie, so all Don to me will relate to Italian mafia first.^^

2) IV as we all know is the Roman number symbol for 4, so I doubt that Fon maybe pronounce IV in Roman way which is ‘quartus’ but he could also say ‘quattuor’ as in Latin. I feel it is so similar to Trinity Blood that called the android HC-IIIX as Ha Ke –Tres Iqus (HC-3X), and he is also a killer doll^^

Nov. 19th, 2010


I just got back from China and spent the first 2 days sneezing. It's not easy to adjust from 20 centigrade to over 35 Centrigrade... So I managed only to do the first 2 act of ch5

Again, the summary is based from the online chinese translation of the novel: http://www.dm123.cn/dm123cms/book/book.php?id=126

I have no knoweledge of chinese, so the summary was done with the help of the google translation and the knowledge from the manga version, therefore it may not be 100% accurate. You're free to correct me ^^.


The Genetic Sodom: Ilegenes ch5 part 1

“Mom, if we die where will we go?”

“God will call us to heaven. There is nothing to fear, Ray. Heaven is a dream place of eternal sunshine, we will be nested in God’s lap surrounded by angels; only fill with happy days.”

His mother smiled at him as they enjoyed the summer afternoon, rocked back and forth on the swings in the courtyard filled with flowers.

But Ray knew that all these were just fake memories implanted in him. All Purge Children have the same memories. Would we go to heaven after death, Ray wondered. But there was no sun, only darkness, he felt freezing cold. The Death’s voice rang in his head.

“We have no soul to reincarnate. Goodbye Laertes, return to the nothingness.”

The pair of cold peacock eyes stared at him

‘No, Fon Fortinbras. If we do not have soul then why am I thinking in this darkness, is this not soul?’ Ray wondered. It was dark there, he did not know what to do or where to go, so he must forever wander in the darkness? He felt fully conscious but just could not see anything. Was this how the actual death is or was that the artificial being like him could not simply return to ashes, he wondered.


A dirty ceiling slowly came into his view. Ray was lying on a hard bed, his head felt heavy. Ray jerked up as Duncan called him. Duncan nursed Ray and explained that Ray was lucky to have the detoxification system implanted in him, non of earlier Purge Children had it. Ray then learnt that Duncan came to his rescue; he chased Death away by a machine gun. Though not fatally wounded, Death apparently was not that fast or strong enough to defend itself from the bullet storm. This Death was the newest type called NK-13, had the ability to release toxic gas.

Ray asked how Duncan knew so much about Death. Duncan said that as he tried to hack into the military information he came across Death project data.

Due to combination of trauma, weak body, feeling ashamed and useless, Ray suddenly had emotional break down. He sobbed and thanked Duncan. They were in an illegal clinic located in Genetic Sodom, provided medical treatment to all those from black market. Duncan assured him that the doctor was a real expert. It was a real irony as Ray had to rely on something that he so much wanted to bring down.

Suddenly Ray recalled his priority intention to rescue Jacques, he jumped off the bed but immediately fell to the ground. Duncan put him back to bed but Ray kept struggle, cried out that he needed to help Jacques. Duncan asked if the mentioned man was Jacques Berne, which Ray affirmed and hysterically lamented that it was his fault that Jacques got caught. Ray begged Duncan to let him go. Duncan refused, reasoned that it was the bait to lure Ray out. Ray did not care as it may be too late if he did not go. Ray felt really guilty, Jacques left army to have a peaceful life, yet he choose to protect Ray despite fully aware of the risk. But the lively and friendly atmosphere of Horatio attracted Ray from leaving.

“It was my fault to remain there. I’ve never ever felt this happy, I don’t have the courage to left there, I don’t have the courage to left Jacques’s side.” Ray cried.

He was afraid of loneliness. Jacques was arrested because him, he could not bare to lose Jacques. Even on this taboo island, Jacques and Serena could still carry on their life with ease and bacame the light source that warm people heart. Ray was always found of their smiles. Ray said bitterly that if he had thought of their happiness, he should not have them involved. Ray hugged Duncan, buried his face on the shoulder. Duncan comforted him, said that Purge Children like them had no choice. Ilegenes was like their prison, they loved the island but also fear it at the same time. Duncan assured Ray would never be lonely as he would be there by Ray’side. But Duncan abruptly fell forward; Ray had punched him in the chest. Duncan crouched in agony. He apologized Duncan that he had to go to rescue Jacques even if it might cost his death.

Ray quietly left the clinic and sped away in Duncan’s car. His body was still partially paralyze but he had no time to lose.

‘Serena, I will help your brother, I will definitedly bring him back!’ Ray thought

Duncan watched from the window corner as Ray drove off in his car. Although his face showed pain, his lips slowly curved into a sinister smile.


Cold water was splashed mercilessly on Jacques’s face. He was tied to a chair, his whole body soaked in freezing cold water. He was held in the basement of the old building of the Confidential Guard headquarter. This building was formerly the base of the revolutionists (Fon’s group), it is now served as the torture chamber, the standard interrogation by the Confidential Guards.

Though his face was full of bruises, his lips were bleeding, Jacques affirmed to the inquisitors that they could get nothing out of him. Nicholas stood watching coldly; he was never lenient even to his old friends. He remarked that Jacques was too old to endure any further. But Jacques said that he was only thirtyish. Nicholas could only remark that he was still the same old stubborn Jacques.

Nicholas demanded again for where about of Ray in which Jacques reaffirmed that he did not know; he only hired a young man as the helper at his bar. Nicholas threatened to torture again but Jacques only retorted sarcastically back. Nicholas challenged Jacques to testify his innocence with the mentioned that security camera captured Jacques image during the assassination attempt. Jacques only stared darkly back and asked if Fon gave any statement. Nicholas just sighed that all Jacques could say was Fon as if it was his mantra. He told Jacques off to learn his position and that the Confidential Guards were the direct subordinates to the president, their actions were the same as the president’s. Jacques shot back that Fon would never do such a thing and strongly believed there was no such thing as the security camera or else there would be no need for the military police nor the need to force/forging evidence.

Nicholas: “Fortinbras has ordered this”

Jacques was awestruck, he gulp down hard and asked what did Nicholas just said. Nicholas pointed out how could Fon still consider Jacques as friend when he intentionally sheltered Fon’s assassin. Nicholas finished off with Jacques could claim whatever relation with the president but he afraid that Fon no longer thought the same, so if Jacques wanted to survive, he should confess anything useful. With that Nicholas march off the chamber and let the torture continued.

Whips continuously fell on his body, he was shaken to his core. He kept questioning in his mind if it was true that Fon order his capture and resorted to torture him to get to Ray. He began to doubt everything, assumed that the reason police made no move but Death came to get Ray instead was actually Fon’s order to cover up the lead to his secret origin.

Jacques thought back to the time Fon visited his bar. Had Fon not said that he would let Jacques judge his action? Had Fon no longer trust or expected anything from him? Jacques wondered if he was too naïve. Jacques could not help doubt if it was only him believed that they were friend.


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Last Saturday I sat for IELTS exam, so I have to delay my summary.

Gosh!! IELTS is more harder than TOFFEL!! I meant~ hey your listening test allowed me only to listen one time?! Your long and tricky questions already took a lot of my concentration!! Even DELF the French exam allowed me to listen twice! I hope I can score for the rest. T^T

The total pages I've done for entire ch4 summary were 11 pages minus all the extra notes!! All my previous chapters were only 7-8!! I'm really getting too wordy! If you don't like to read a long summary please tell me, so I can refrain from putting in too much words.

Again, the summary is based from the online chinese translation of the novel: http://www.dm123.cn/dm123cms/book/book.php?id=126

I have no knoweledge of chinese, so the summary was done with the help of the google translation and the knowledge from the manga version, therefore it may not be 100% accurate. You're free to correct me ^^.

The Genetic Sodom: Ilegenes ch4 part 3

That pseudo name ‘D’ responsible for the rumour, Jacques can only think of one person, Daniel B. Duncan. He was the Purge Children two generation earlier than Fon. Jacques was confused, how could Duncan not be under Fon’s surveillance. Furthermore, how could Duncan obtained the information that even impossible for the Purge Children to have; it needed all the combined passwords from the 8 scientists. Jacques suspected that Duncan had finally been in touch with Ray. If that was the case, the situation had turn for the worse; Ray did not know what kind of man Duncan was.

Duncan was not the same as Fon; he would do anything to have the power. After the successful coup, he tried to get rid of Fon, Jacques and others to climb to the Prime Minister post. He was the man of the concept of ‘The ends justify the means’ (note 1). Duncan would do anything, good or bad, as long as he reached the end goal. And that was the reason Duncan was isolated from the former regime, not because he advocated the previous government to reform. Ray life experience was still too shallow; Duncan would use him as a pawn for his revenge.

Jacques began to investigate for Duncan where about. He arrived at Duncan’s home and only to find it was empty, left him with no further clue. Jacques also could not connect Ray through his cell phone.

Time flew and it was getting late, Jacques had to stop his search to open his bar. The exhausted Jacques returned to his house and found a military official black limo parked in front.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a while, Jacques.” Nicholas stepped out of the car.

Nicholas was taller and had border shoulder than Jacques, the silver-rimmed glasses added the intelligent touch to his face. The eyes that coldly shot behind the glasses lived up to his reputation as ‘Cold Blood Roden’. Nicholas was younger than Jacques by 2 years, the former classmate back in the academy and also the comrades during the revolution five years ago. Like all of his friends, Jacques had invited him to drink in his bar but Nicholas rejected it as he would never drink on duty.

Seeing Nicholas in front of his bar Jacques joked that he did not have any coffee to serve. Nicholas said that was not point, he wanted to ask Jacques something. It was about the current rumour about the president. Jacques put on a poker face and replied that it is the silly gossip not to be taken seriously. Of course, no one knew of Fon’s secret, not even the military. However, the military didn’t see the rumour as silly. Jacques retorted back in half-joking half-sarcastic manner that such gossip could not be that threatening to the military regime. Nicholas demanded explanation for Jacques’s sarcasm. Jacques said that he did not like the way Nicholas and his elite Confidential Guards made Fon into a divine dogmatic symbol and create the bizarre Personal Cult religion (note2). Nicholas menacingly replied that Jacques still did not learn of his lowly social status comparing to president Fon.

This time Jacques started to be angry. Nicholas said that for a person who refused to sacrifice for Ilegenes by leaving the army, Jacques had no right to tell the president what to do for the country’s future nor would the president pay his attention. Jacques shot back that Nicholas was no different. Although Nicholas held high position, he could not persuade the president. Fon had never opened up to Nicholas. Rather than followed the army order blindly, Jacques would choose to be just a civilian. Nicholas was enraged; he coldly said that to put a person as a supreme idol for worshipping was easy but for one to become the pillar of the people moral was not. So Nicholas asked how could Jacques understand Fon, did Jacques have the courage that take to create changes like Fon did? They had protected the president with their life while Jacques pointed gun at him; he had no right to criticized Nicholas. Jacques felt guilty at the mention of the last part and was silent. Both glared fiercely at each other.

Nicholas: “I’m not here to argue with you. I want you to confirm one thing.”

Nicholas broke the silent. He asked if Jacques recently had a young man living in his bar. Jacques suppressed his nervousness and merely stated that he hired a waiter. Nicholas said that his intelligences had captured the image of president’s assassin and the suspect had the matching appearance with Jacques’s employee. Jacques asked what Nicholas was trying to say. Nicholas just glared coldly at Jacques and rhetorically back at Jacques on who was actually betrayed Fon. Nicholas issued an order through the small microphone on his collar. Jacques took in a deep breath to calm his nerve. The Confidential Guards bursted into the bar from both the main gate and the back door. All guns were pointed at Jacques.

Nicholas: “Jacques Berne, you’re under arrest for attempting to assassinate the president.”


The night had fallen above Delta Agora capital. Ray walked up the street slope with full excitement, he had finally found a strong comrade. Meeting Duncan had made his chance overthrowing Fon possible. Duncan had the keen insight to the current political situation. From Duncan analysis and evidences, Fon had all the power to crush the black market but did not do so as Fon wanted to channel this wealth and technology into his private army. Ray could only felt that Jacques was too naïve to believe in Fon. His strong attachment to power and the history of ‘out of control’ made Ray strongly believed that Fon was not fit to rule Ilegenes. Together with Duncan, Ray formulated a battle plan. Ray was going to take advantage of their weakness.

‘Accam, carefully watch this!! I will avenge you, I will kill Fon Fortinbra.’ Ray thought of his dead comrades.

Ray did not return to Horatio bar for a whole week; when he returned he found a crowd of anxious guests at the entrance. Ray’s heart dropped and he rush through the crowd into the bar. He found Crudup and Serena in heart wrenching state.

Tearful Serena saw Ray and immediately hugged him. Ray then learnt that Jacques was arrested as the suspect attempted to assassinate the president. Ray could not believe his ears and so as Crugup who angrily pounded on the table. Ray asked if it was the police that had taken Jacques and met with more shocking news that the Confidential Guard was the one. Ray immediately rushed off the bar, ignored Crudup yelling after him. He sprinted toward the administration centre of the capital. He could not let Jacques be the scrape goat for his act; Ray’s mind though of nothing else but to recue Jacques.

A mysterious figure suddenly blocked his way. The cold night wind swayed the long black robe with hood draped over the face of the figure, bestowing the image just like that of Tarot card ‘Death’.

Ray: “I have no time to play with you. Get out!” Ray commented in low intimidating voice.

Death: “Laertes, why should you rush to save others when you should first save your own skin.”

Ray was shocked that the reply was in female voice. Death took off the robe and revealed the female Death with perfect hour-glass body shape. Death said that Nicholas had taken Jacques 2 hours ago. Ray demanded for what they were going to do to Jacques but Death said that she only recieved order from the president.

Female Death appearance was totally different from the earlier Deaths. She did not had any grotesques body, her head was cleanly shaven in punk fashion. Liked all Deaths that fought Ray, all later versions had their bodies improved according to the data from the previous combat with Ray. This 4th Death was even more perfect and was harder to put down. Ray’s mind was also filled with the anxiety to rescue Jacques that he could not calmly analyse his opponent.

Ray warned Death again to move away and pulled out his gun. But in an eye blink, Death disappeared from his sight. Ray was dumbfounded then he felt like a thunder strike on his head and he fell to the ground. Death moved so fluidly at the incredible speed that appeared to be entirely invisible to Ray; there was no chance for him to block the attack or analyse the next move.

Death: “Game over. Laertes.”

Death’s voice came from behind, Ray suppressed the blow form the back and Death came face to face with him, only a breath away from his face. Ray finger quickly reach for the gun trigger but he could not fire. Death’s finger tips touch the gun barrel and she spit at his face.

Death: “Your eyes are very sensitive to capture and respond to attacks but my real weapon is invisible”

Ray was shock, his vision became hazy, the world seemed to quickly spin around him. Ray tried to fought back his nausea but failed. Death revealed that her body contained highly concentrated phosphorus compound that could be converted to gas and excreted through the sweat glands. The gas is odorless and tasteless but highly toxic. (note3) Deaths informed that Ray’s body would cease to function breathing. From this point on, nothing could be registered to Ray’s brain. Ray heard the ice-cold female voice before he lost conscious. Death delivered the final message from Fon.

Death: “We have no soul to reincarnate. Goodbye Laertes, return your life to nothingness.”
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Nicholas finally get into some action!!! I don't know why I was just delight to see Nicholas slapped back at Jacques for his stupid act! Yeah serve you right, Jerky for hurting Fon!! OK, we all knew Jacques was not all stupid but well he needed someone to punnish him sometime too.^^ If compare to historical finger, Nicholas was like Himmler, Hitler's right hand man who headed SS and Gestapo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Himler And no doubt, his Elite Confidential Guard is the secret military police or the Gestapo.


1)‘The ends justify the means’ is the concept by Nicolo Machiavelli, Italian thinker of 16th Century, who stated that it did not matter what methods one used, the end result would justify if the methods were right or wrong. Such that if it resulted for greater goods of humanity, it was alright to use cruel or inhuman methods. This concept gave rise to the term Machiavellianism that has the negative description on a person’s tendency to deceive and manipulate other for his/her personal gain. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machiavellianism and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niccol%C3%B2_Machiavelli

2) Personal Cult is the practice that put a person into something that the public highly reverent as ideal image of hero. It is usually done through the use of mass media and propaganda. Normally, it is associated with dictatorship but it is also seen today in promoting of celebrities as such in Hollywood: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult_of_personality

3) Phosphorus one of the basic elements that glow in oxygen. It is highly reactive which mean it is highly inflammable and cannot be stored by itself alone unless put in oil to prevent contact with oxygen. Normally found to combine with other elements to form a non reactive compound. (Gosh! This means the female Death is a walking bomb!) Most common usage is in fertilizers. Wide ranges of organic phosphorus compounds are highly toxic to nerve cells, so it is called neurotoxin and the common usage is in the production of insecticide and pesticide. But inorganic phosphorus compounds are relatively non toxin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphorus

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Ch 4 part 2

Part 2 of 3 of this chapter. Sorry for my slow speed. October is the beginning of my country fiscal year, so August and September was hell to me to close all the reports.

Fon made appearance in this part, so Hooray for Fon!!! Fon will needed all of our support to go through this difficult time.

Again, the summary is based from the online chinese translation of the novel: http://www.dm123.cn/dm123cms/book/book.php?id=126

I have no knoweledge of chinese, so the summary was done with the help of the google translation and the knowledge from the manga version, therefore it may not be 100% accurate. You're free to correct me ^^.
The Genetic Sodom: Ilegenes ch4 part 2

Even in late night hour, the presidential office was still brightly lit, but it was the usual routine for Fon. Nicholas entered the office. Fon gazed out from the window at the raging storm. His eyes seemed melancholy lost in distance; it has always been since the visit to Jacques’s bar and Nicholas noticed this.

“Did Jacques tell you anything?” Nicholas rudely asked, snaped Fon out of his thought.

Fon slowly turned to face Nicholas and asked him to state his point. Nicholas began to spill out his dissatisfaction, said that he did not know what Fon talk to Jacques but considering their current different social position, it could create political gossip. Jacques was too naïve to only think that Fon was his friend and overlook this. Fon just casually remarked that it was so unlike Nicholas to lose his composure and said that there was nothing to concern, he only thought about something. Nicholas asked what Fon was thinking… In Fon’s thought, it dwelled in the moment Jacques asked if Fon went out of control again (summary ch3 part2). Fon did not answer Nicholas but instead asked him if the crazy animal knew when their behaviour was out of control. Nicholas thought for a bit before answered that anything subject as organic beings can hardly notice it, including human being, unless their behaviour have impact on the world. Fon smiled and rhetorically remarked ‘the impact on the world’ part.

Fon then assumed the business mode asking Nicholas to state the main reason for seeing him this hour. Nicholas said it was about ‘Death’ the artificial human weapon. He questioned Fon why was all the still underdevelopment ‘Death’ was set on the mission to hunt down a particular target, and that the particular target Nicholas assumed to be the assassin at the naval port ceremony. Nicholas asked since Fon already know the assassin’s identity why Fon did not issued arrest warrent and instead order the military police to stop searching. Fon said that the matter was under the National Security Bureau which was not under Nicholas’s. Nicholas did not gave up he was concern for Fon’s safety; if the matter was let go, without public execution served as a warning, more attempts may arise. Fon then said it was Nicholas’s job to prevent such incident from happening again. Nicholas arrogantly asked Fon for the reason of avoiding public execution but choosing silent killing order. Fon narrowed his eyes and assumed the command mode that Nicholas was not in the position to question his decision. Nicholas reflectively stood at attention from the coldness. Fon said that the assassin code name is XII (12, ‘L’ is the 12th alphabet remembered?^^) and the Confidential Guard had no responsibility to know the detail. He then dismissed Nicholas who could only show dissatisfaction on his face, gave a salute and walked out off the office.

When the door was closed, a touch screen panel raised from Fon’s desk; it displayed Ray’s image along with his info: school, work experience, para-parents, all activities: where he catch his bus right up to what he bought. Every information is at the tip of Fon’s fingers. Since the electronic money (aka. cash card or credit card) replaced the cold cash, with a little help of good hackers, all activities were recorded; the privacy in life was gone. However, the huge data of Ray were useless as most were fabricated. All the data of the Purge Children are hidden in ‘Edition Messiah’ Department. Only the combined passwords from the 8 scientists can access the database, it was impossible to access now as Dr. Littenber is dead.

Fon thought of his step-father. He walked up to the window and watched the pouring rain. The ultimate goal of education is to create individual personality; Fon regarded education as the baptism for the people to learn to be responsible, respect and not to harm others. Without it, the mere human existence cannot bring benefit the entire humanity. Such education came from the life experiences with the surrounding environment but in Fon’s case was channeled directly to his brain. However, education was also an experiment. To create the positive benefit to the society, education was use as the experimental tools to obtain the desirable personality as the result. Fon could not help wonder how can one define what is human.

“Jacques, can I be a real human?” Fon touched the cold window.


The shattered glass had abruptly silenced the chattering bar customers. Jacques apologized for his slippery hand and clean up the mass. Because of the rain, customers were forced to stay inside Horatio, all seats were filled. Crudup remarked that this was the second things that Jacques broke this night (the first was plate). Jacques just retorted back that at least his hands were better than drunken Crudup’s. Crudup, although drunk, was still a very keen observer; he said Jacques was not in his usual self.

Jacques had been like this since Fon's visit. He was guilt ridden, realized that his words accusing Fon to be out of his mind was very cruel. And the fact was clear that even asking if Fon was out of control, Fon could not have sense it anyway. Also, Fon’s action was always determined for the sake of Ilegenes; if his action resulted in more corrupted Ilegenes, Fon was sure to collapsed… it’s against his raison d’etre (reason of living) with or without the control of purification programme. Being around Fon in the past, Jacques learnt what to say and what not; but he slipped and Fon now no longer opened his heart to Jacques.

‘How could I kill you’, Jacques thought back when he pointed his gun at Fon. He would never and ever pull the trigger at Fon. And his words ‘to bring Fon down’ back in the chapel was never meant that he would kill Fon, but alas, to Fon both would mean the same. He never imagined that their relationship could turned into such stalemate situation.

‘Fon, if you feel pain, you can always seek me’ was what Jacques wanted to say. If Fon need him, he would leave everything to be by Fon’s side. Jacques looked at the empty high-stool in the corner of the bar counter. That seat was exclusively reserved for Fon, Jacques never let anyone sit on it since opening Horatio. Jacques sighed; Fon finally came to his bar though…

Crudup mentioned that he did not see Ray in the bar brought Jacques out of his thought. Jacques later found out that Ray invited Crudup for a tea. Crudup thought it was to collect his drink debt but Ray left without taking the money. Jacques asked what Crudup talked to Ray. Crudup said he mostly chat about their time together with Fon. Jacques growled and almost strangled Crudup when a regular customer walked into the bar and showed him the tabloid headline. The tile read the president may be an artificial human. Jacques grabbed the papers and scan the content; it said that Fon was created for a particular purpose of overthrowing the old regime and maintaining the benefit for a certain group. It even reported that all Fon’s personal documents such as birth certificated were all fabricated and under the law of Ilegenes, all artificial beings must report to Artificial Being Management Bureau. If President Fortinbras was indeed artificial human, not only should he be dismissed as the head of state, his citizenship should be stripped.

Jacques bellowed at the article, clutching the papers and trembling furiously caused everyone in the bar to go pale.

“Crudup, help me look after the bar!”

Jacques threw the apron off to Crudup and ran out. Crudup protested that he could not run the bar alone and grabbed Jacques from behind to stop him. Jacques demanded Crudup to let him go but Crudup begged Jacques to calm down as it was not the first time Jacques ran off like this (bad for business). Also that Serena did not come to help this night, Jacques should at least close the bar first.


Crudup’s determination won and Jacques finally stayed, but Jacques’s anger had caused the chill horror to the customers that one by one slowly made their exit. An hour later, Jacques closed the bar and headed to the tabloid office.

The office located in District no. 49 of capital Delta Agora. The district located in the inner island, sat between the capital central and Genam mountain. It was notoriously refer as Area 49, the home of the black market, the Genetic Sodom city. Unlike any part of the island, the building in this area were filled with colourful neon lights; leaflet of attractive artificial females were distributed everywhere. The streets were dirty and full of artificial beings ready to service customers. As long as the customers had enough money, they could clone anyone like actresses or idols according to their desire. All the personal rights did not exist here, only the dark side of human could be seen. The central government could not intervene in here, this place was ruled by the another Ilegenes government, the black market. Here, the Dons (gang bosses) were the law but they rarely made public appearance. After Fon came into power, it was fear that the military would bomb the entire Area 49 to turn over the place. But the black market only suffered the brief decline and now prospered than ever.

Jacques avoided the crowd of customer callers and stopped in front of a dirty building with the yellowish worn out sign read ‘Daily Opinion’ newspaper. Jacques knocked the door and went in. All the staff were too busy to notice that Jacques came in. The entire place was chaotic messy, Jacques spotted a man slightly bald but with sharp eyes looking through the newspaper.

“Long time no see, Magge Battle” (the reporter in the bar from manga vol3 ch15)

Jacques called out to the man who then looked up and warmly welcome Jacques with open arms. However, Jacques coldly threw the tabloid papers on Magge’s desk and asked where was the source of the news. Magge cooly replied that he needed to follow the protocol to protect the news source.

Magge worked on and off with Jacques during the coup. Jacques said that Magge had lost his edge for relying on such a bad source of news. Magge replied that the importance was not about true but the impact; thank to that his papers sold twice more than usual. Also Magge affirmed that his source was highly reliable. Magge then took out a memory card that claimed to contain the experiment that led to Fon’s birth. Jacques demanded to see it but Magge refused. Jacques pulled out his pistol, threatened that even he shot Magge, here in the inner island, no police would even bother. Magge gave in, complained that even after left the military, Jacques was still resilient when it related to Fon.

Magge typed in passwords and the video file was displayed showing the creation of Purge Children in the tube. This Magge had the real information; but no one else could have had the information apart from the 8 scientists. Jacques cut out the possibility that the 8 scientists leaked out the information; if they were serious to bring Fon down, they could send the information to the United Nation rather than to this c-grade newspaper. Jacques wondered if Ray was responsible for the leak.

Magge commented that such technology displayed here was far advance than anything known in this island, anyone can achieve this was probably god. It was the ultimate state of art in artificial being creation; hardly anyone could afford to buy not even with the entire national budget. It would be interesting if this was Fon, Magge tried to read Jacques for expression. Magge said that he did not know what the source had anything to do with Fon but this info was truly ground breaking. Jacques called Magge being nonsense and demanded for the source identity. It was not Ray that Jacques expected, it was someone using pseudo name as ‘D’. Jacques felt shrill ran down his spine. He put his pistol away and about to walk off. Magge asked if the fact that made Jacques ran to see him was that the news was true. Jacques stared fiercely back at Magge.

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Devious Journal Entry

Inception - The Equation-
by ~IssyKwan on deviantART

INCEPTION!!!!!!! My gosh!!! I never really pair up any character when I'm wacthing a movie!! But this movie, not only the story was so damn good, it even got a little fan-service for fangals too!! Just love it!! OMG, everytime Arthur and Emeas interacted,I can feel the chemistry running between the pair! Ok I love Ariadne too but this pair is far hotter!!!

Never imagine that Joseph Gordon Levitt, this boy from 3rd Rock from the Sun, (I was in primary then) can be this hot. And Tom Hardy is actually never my type but he just got this charm that make me swoon!!

And since I'm a fan of Yukikaze I feel that Mr. Hardy is the perfect choice for Jack Booker!! OK now I have to find live actor for Rie^^.

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Novel Summary - The Genetic Sodom: Ilegenes ch4 part 1

Ch 4 part 1

I can manage only to do 1/3 of the chapter... OMG I becoming more wordy... I will try to shorten

Again, the summary is based from the online chinese translation of the novel: http://www.dm123.cn/dm123cms/book/book.php?id=126

I have no knoweledge of chinese, so the summary was done with the help of the google translation and the knowledge from the manga version, therefore it may not be 100% accurate. You're free to correct me ^^.

The Genetic Sodom: Ilegenes ch4 part 1

Ray stood in the pouring rain outside the ran-down Littenber Research Institution; the place that was once belong to Fon’s adoptive father, Mihael Littenber. Through Jacques, Ray learnt that Dr. Littenber adopted Fon after his para-parents were murdered and he was also the leader of the Ilegenes purification project (Purge Children). Ray came here to see the scientist in hope to find Fon’s weakness.

The perimeter of the building was heavily surrounded with barbed wires, saved for the gate that was locked with several rusty iron chains that Ray could easily shook off due to corrosion. Ray went in, however, he could not feel this place was possible for human habitation. Cracks and collapsed parts were everywhere. Such terrible deterioration state could hardly deserve to be the head of state’s former residence. Ray wondered if Dr. Littenber had no longer live here.

Ray reached the building that he assumed to be the private residence area. All furniture was removed leaving only cobwebs everywhere. The thick layer of dust on the floor made a few foot prints visible. From the print shape, person that arrived before Ray must have worn boots; Ray wondered what the other person came to look for. He shone his flashlight around the building, wondered if Fon and his existence begin here in this institution. He exclaimed and held his breath when he came across a building that seemed badly destroyed by fire, the second floor was entirely collapsed, leaving a great hole and charred marked on the wall.

“If you’re looking for Dr. Littenber, he is no longer here”

Ray startled. A red hair middle-aged man with beard and light-colour sunglasses stood behind him. He was slim built and his appearance is rugged. He squatted down in a corner and pointed that the spot was the entrance to the basement that was now sealed.

“That’s where our mother’s womb was.”

He then pointed at a high pile heap of waste and said that those were the protein for biological breeding. Ray was shock.

“I knew you would come here, brother”

He removed his glasses and a pair of peacock eyes came into views. He introduced himself as Daniel Brown Duncan, codename D, from Duncan, king of Scotland in Macbeth, the 4th Purge Children. (note1. Spoiler warning it somewhat revealed the direction of the story up to the end of novel vol1, advice to read after the entire chapter 4 is done)


Rain continued to pour harder. Ray and Duncan sat side by side in a corner of that burnt down building. Duncan’s appearance was shabby, both his clothes and skin were coarse, seemed he had been in difficult times. He lit a cigarette and offered one to Ray but he declined. The cigarette was one of those 20th century high concentrated tobacco, only the elders would smoke them out of nostalgia. Ray never imagined that he would encounter another Purge Children beside Fon. ‘D’ meant he is the earlier version before both of them.

Ray told Duncan that he already knew of their own identities and asked why Duncan expected to see him here. Duncan explained that Ray’s aasassination attempt back at the naval port ceremony was live telecasted; he knew right away that the assassin was the newcomer, and surely would want to find out more about Fon by checking his background.

Duncan explained the origin of the purification programme project back 40 years ago. There were 2 departments responsible for the project: the ‘Creation Messiah’ for creating the body and ‘Edition Messiah’ for implanting instincts, memories and knowledge. (see summary chapter 2 part 1 for details) All Purge Children embryos were created from chemical substances in here. Dr. Littenber was the top scientist in the field of genetic engineering, specialized in designing the DNA of the brain.

Ray asked for where about of Dr. Littenber, only to be shocked by revelation that Littenber was dead 4 years ago due to car falling off a cliff; investigation was concluded that he committed suicide as there was no sign that the brake was used. He died at the age of 90 but his appearance was of 60, he could live up to 200 if he wanted to operate his genes. However, Littenber was to attend the wedding of his very close great grandchild living overseas in the next day, Duncan suspected that Fon murdered Littenber to wipe out all traces of his true identity. Having artificial-human as a president would cause public outrage. The world has long been discriminated against those genetically engineered. Although Ilegenes is known to receive order to create desirable children for the expecting parents, any information of these children of the riches would not be revealed.

Ray then painfully learnt that all the others of ‘The 8 Scientists’ were exiled to overseas and reported to be missing. By doing so, they could no longer create more new Purge Children to come after him. Duncan then said Fon ordered the institution to be burnt down and then sealed the basement with cement. All other Purge Children on the other hand knew nothing of their own true identity and continue to lead their life independently from others. Duncan wondered what if Fon did not learnt of his true identity in which the scientists should had taken it into the account of their own safety, things could have been different.

Ray then asked how Duncan learnt of his own identity. Duncan fell silent but then Ray suddenly recognised Duncan as the cabinet member of the former Ilegenes government (yup the guy on TV in manga vol2 ch9). His appearance had changed so much from his cabinet days that Ray did not recognized him at first sight. Duncan only managed a dry smile. Back then, Duncan, only at 30, managed to hold the post as the chief of cabinet and was so close to become the next prime minister.

Duncan said that before he learnt of his true identity, his action was also driven by the purification programme to change Ilegenes. However due to close tie with the black market, he could not reform the government alone, the next things he knew everyone isolated him from political core... In that desperate time, Fon approached him, asked Duncan to help promote his coup and promised the prime minister seat in return. Duncan explained that Fon must have known that he was a Purge Children (but Duncan had yet to know), so Fon looked for him. Duncan said he believed in Fon then, so he was only member of the former regime that participated in the coup. After the coup’s success, Fon did not kept the promise and put him under surveillance. They would let him live as long as he doesn’t go against them.

Ray was shocked; in front of him was the man who could be the prime minister, he could not help feel the heavy sentiment from Duncan. Then one day, Dr. Littenber whom Duncan had never met before came to see him and revealed the dark secret of his origin. The Doctor blamed himself for this tragedy but told him that there would be others who would appear later if Fon chose the wrong path. The doctor seemed to aware of his imminent death and wanted the newcomers to be told of the truth.

Ray tried to imagined Dr. Littenber, his real father or rather his creator, a short eldery man that look more of antique collector than a scientist… Ray clenched his fist and thought bitterly that his god (the creator) is everywhere, just ordinary human.

Dunan asked why Ray came to Littenber institution in the first place. Ray said he wanted to know about the secret of Mozart Symphony no.40 in G minor that both Fon and him found disturbing. Duncan put on the headphone handed by Ray and frowned upon listening to the music. Duncan said that the music is actually the correction signal. The frequency of the music is used as the correction mechanism that reformats the Purge children brain. In other word, it delete all memory, personality, everything from the brain to be ready for new input. Thus, it was not pleasant when Purge Children heard or rather receive the signal. Ray went cold, it was like the whistle that blown to punish and correct the dog behaviour.

Duncan saw that Ray had was pale; he asked him that there is more dark truth yet to be revealed if Ray was not prepared for this then it was better to give up overthrowing Fon. But Ray refused he wanted to know everything, anything that would help him overthrow Fon.

Ray asked Duncan to join him bringing down Fon. However, Duncan reminded that he was still under surveillance. But Ray countered with why Duncan came to see him here. Duncan dropped his cigarette and stepped on it. He merely replied to Ray that he torched down his car made it look like an accident, killed his 2 watchers in the process. Ray was shock but Duncan said that it was an easy task for him. After all, he was the first high grade Purge Children successfully created.

Duncan asked if Ray really wanted to overthrow Fon. Duncan then revealed that Fon's personality blueprint was modelled after the 20th Century dictators of authoritarian states, thus Fon had tendency to be dominative, extreme, and unstable; even Dr. Littenber considered Fon as the fail Purge Children. Yet, Ray strongly confirmed his intention. Duncan, thus, agreed to help Ray. 

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1) In Shakespeare’s Macbeth play, Duncan was the king of Scotland, a wise and kind ruler, killed by his trusted captain Macbeth. However, in the actual history, he is said to be a sloppy incompetent ruler that his cousin Macbeth need to overthrow him to restore prosperity back to Scotland. Somehow that represented the 2-face of Duncan in Ilegenes. And Fon is to be Macbeth the cousin that overthrow Duncan (Similary, Fon and Duncan are somewhat blood related as Purge Children). Nevertheless, both version of Macbeth, King Duncan son sucessfully overthrew Macbeth out of revenge. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Duncan

Side note: my literature professor said that Shakespeare created Macbeth play to please King James, who was originally king of Scotland and later became the successor of Elizabeth I, thus, unite England and Scotland together. King Duncan was King James’s ancestor, so Shakespeare made Duncan looked good but tragic instead of the actual history. And made Macbeth, the madman, finally being overthrown by King Duncan’s descendants.

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Ilegenes Manga ch 29 Raw

Raw scan of Ilegenes ch 29

From Avarus issue July 2010.
Done by me


Hi-res [26.66mb): http://www.mediafire.com/?4t4r7ykyyfxyc48
Lo-res [6.06 mb): http://www.mediafire.com/?kgd8ekoo90bv84l

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